About Us

Who We Are

Empro Petrochemicals Trading LLC is a leading distributor of ZERUST products in the Middle East and is focusing a lot of resources to provide clean and green alternatives over conventional carbon heavy products. The products offered and services rendered are unmatched in the industry and our goal is to enhance the levels of protection for the valuable assets held by our customers be it oil & gas storage tanks, pipes, spare parts etc. if it can corrode we can slow it down to a greatest extent possible. Our client reviews are testimonials to our reputation and effectiveness.

We distribute all the Zerust products and work closely with the technical chemists and engineers across the world to ensure the solution we recommend is tailored to the problems you encounter.


Projects Completed

Aside from having a portfolio of Zerust products, we understand how to effectively apply them, manage the products, control corrosion indefinitely, and ultimately support our customers.

Corrosion 85%
Chemistry 95%
Analysis 76%
Service 76%