Corrosion Inhibitor Solution


Project Overview

Zerion FVS, Zerion FAN-5, water, and methanol solution mix were introduced by contractors into a large manifold in the client’s pipeline. Over 24,000 gallons of the VCI/SCI solution was pumped in this manifold to prevent internal corrosion while the rest of the pipeline construction is completed.

For this project, the VCI and water solution was mixed with methanol to prevent freezing during the winter months.

Vessel Assessment Notes

Two (1”) vent pipes were installed on the top of each section. Two (1”) injection ports were installed through the flanges on the lower elevation and equipped with steel valves. It should be noted that according to client’s notes, prior to the injection, the hydrotest was completed and residual water was drained out.


The project was completed on time, in accordance with the provided Zerust proposal and recommendations. The vent pipes on the top of 36” pipes were opened to bleed the air out of pipes during injection. For the terms of preservation, during the manifold is being out of service, all vent pipes must remain closed. Corrosion coupons are recommended to be installed through the vent pipes and analyzed periodically for corrosion rate references.

  • Installation Date
  • Location
    Texas, USA
  • Environmental Conditions
    Sunny with clouds, wind. 60% Avg. humid, and Avg. Temp. 65°F.
  • Asset Details
    Casing Diameter: 24” Pipeline Diameter: 20” Length: 150’
  • Zerust Product(s) Used
    Zerion® FAN-5 Zerion® FVS Corrosion Inhibitor Powder* *Blend of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs)
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